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Surgica Robotica

A new approach to robotic surgery

About us

Surgica Robotica is an innovation-driven company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and marketing of surgical robots, dexterous surgical instruments, ancillary devices and innovative technologies to support leading-edge surgical practice.

Surgica Robotica

Our products

Surgica Robotica has built the first fully functional prototype, Surgenius ALPHA, in 4 months.
The prototype has been successfully tested both in-vitro and in-vivo.
With the knowledge, the data and the analysis of the technical solutions used in ALPHA, Surgica Robotica spent one year and a half to design, build and tune a new system, Surgenius BETA.

The new system has been tested in-vitro and in-vivo.
Usability and performance evaluation have been carried out with well known surgeons with extensive experience in robotic surgery.
Tasks relevant to robot-assisted surgical procedures have been performed on animals by our surgeons, and they have been successfully completed without the need of any technical intervention on the robot.
Surgenius BETA is compliant with the applicable EU regulations.

Surgenius BETA was partially founded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development under the Law 46/82 – Prog. N. E11/0879/00/X16.

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Our goal

Our goal is to bring innovation to Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery, by developing the next generation of surgical robotic system that will give surgeons the full integration of data and perceptual stimuli during an intervention.

By achieving this goal, we will significantly increase patient safety and comfort, and we will give surgeons greater confidence in all phases of a procedure. We want to be both surgeons' and patients' best friend!

Our Goal

Today, that community is a powerful support group for all kinds of software development

The community that originally formed around the early Unix source distributions never went away

All the services you know and love

People liked Unix, so they built more programs for it that made it nicer to use.

State of the art interactive development.

The ‘fun’ factor is not trivial from a design point of view, either. The kind of people who become programmers and developers have ‘fun’ when the effort they have to put out to do a task challenges them, but is just within their capabilities. ‘Fun’ is therefore a sign of peak efficiency. Painful development environments waste labor and creativity; they extract huge hidden costs in time, money, and opportunity.

If Unix were a failure in every other way, the Unix engineering culture would be worth studying for the ways it keeps the fun in development — because that fun is a sign that it makes developers efficient, effective, and productive.

It's hard to avoid programming overcomplicated monoliths if none of your programs can talk to each other.

Unix tradition strongly encourages writing programs that read and write simple, textual, stream-oriented, device-independent formats. Under classic Unix, as many programs as possible are written as simple filters, which take a simple text stream on input and process it into another simple text stream on output.


Laptops. Tablets. Phones. We build our products with compatibility in mind.

To make programs composable, make them independent.

A program should care as little as possible about the program on the other end. It should be made easy to replace one end with a completely different implementation without disturbing the other.

GUIs can be a very good thing. Complex binary data formats are sometimes unavoidable by any reasonable means.

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Software is said to be robust when it performs well under unexpected conditions which stress the designer's assumptions, as well as under normal conditions.


John Doe

Creative Director

We observed above that software is transparent when you can look at it and immediately see what is going on. It is simple when what is going on is uncomplicated enough for a human brain to reason about all the potential cases without strain.


Ben Randolph

Senior Art Director

Data is more tractable than program logic. It follows that where you see a choice between complexity in data structures and complexity in code, choose the former. More: in evolving a design, you should actively seek ways to shift complexity from code to data.


Grey Shaun

Lead Developer

The easiest programs to use are those that demand the least new learning from the user — or, to put it another way, the easiest programs to use are those that most effectively connect to the user's pre-existing knowledge.


Tibby Rodney

Back-End Developer

Pay attention to your expected audience. They may be end users, they may be other programmers, or they may be system administrators. What is least surprising can differ among these groups.


Gale Bridger

Front-end Developer

One of Unix's oldest and most persistent design rules is that when a program has nothing interesting or surprising to say, it should shut up. Well-behaved Unix programs do their jobs unobtrusively, with a minimum of fuss and bother. Silence is golden.


Arlie Davis


Software should be transparent in the way that it fails, as well as in normal operation. It's best when software can cope with unexpected conditions by adapting to them, but the worst kinds of bugs are those in which the repair doesn't succeed and the problem quietly causes corruption.

Our working process. Simple, yet effective!

1. Briefing and planning

Well-designed programs treat the user's attention and concentration as a precious and limited resource, only to be claimed when necessary.

2. Idea and concept

In the Unix tradition, code generators are heavily used to automate error-prone detail work. Parser/lexer generators are the classic examples.

3. Visual and UX design

These philosophical principles aren't just vague generalities. In the Unix world they come straight from experience and lead to specific prescriptions.

4. Development and testing

We'll see the Unix design rules, and the prescriptions that derive from them, applied over and over again in the remainder of this book. Unsurprisingly, they tend to converge.

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Well-designed programs treat the user's attention and concentration as a precious and limited resource, only to be claimed when necessary.Browser

The Unix tradition of lightweight development and informal methods also began at its beginning.



Not even Microsoft's awesome marketing clout has been able to dent Unix's lock on the Internet.

The trouble with heuristics is that they proliferate special cases and edge cases

To design for compactness and orthogonality, start from zero. Zen teaches that attachment leads to suffering

Surgical Robotic Solutions

Our products

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Write a big program only when it is clear by demonstration that nothing else will do

Because debugging often occupies three-quarters or more of development time, work done early to ease debugging can be a very good investment.

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In the Unix tradition, code generators are heavily used to automate error-prone detail work. Parser/lexer generators are the classic examples.

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Unix has wired into it an assumption that the programmer knows best. It doesn't stop you or request confirmation.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

The strength of an operating system's internal boundaries is not merely an abstract issue of design: It has important practical consequences.

Do I need another webhost?

Unix files have neither record structure nor attributes. In some operating systems, files have an associated record structure.

How do I sign up?

OS-level record structures are generally an optimization hack, and do little more than complicate APIs and programmers' lives.

How do I cancel service?

Even if a command-line interface, scripting, and pipes are supported, very few filters will evolve.

Can I switch plans?

To design the perfect anti-Unix, make all file formats binary and opaque, and require heavyweight tools to read and edit them.


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c/o BIC incubatori FVG

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